Where to Look for Reviews of Event Registration Software

With the adaptation of the popular event management software in the events industry, you have various software providers to choose from. While the said type of software is meant to help you in managing your events, not all of them can impact your endeavours positively. After all, there are bogus products that pop up from time to time that only draw on the fundamentals of EMS but nevertheless fail in terms of functionality. For this reason, it is important that you do proper research before investing in an event booking software.

Here are three sources that you may tap for you to find the most suitable event management software:

1.) Software Review Websites

Software review websites are great places to start your research. These websites are frequented by end-users who can give you different insights concerning a software product. As a reminder, look for a review website which logs legitimate reviews from end-users. Check if the reviews are realistic and if they contain basic information from the reviewer such as their name, location, and affiliated company. You would not want to trust in reviews that have been fabricated by software marketers. Two good websites you can visit are Capterra and TrustRadius.

2.) Facebook Pages

While you may think that Facebook is only for our mundane day-to-day experience, there are actually Facebook pages dedicated to software products. In fact, end-users can log their reviews through these pages. An overall rating on the page should make it clear how the software is faring in the market. Reliable software products are obviously rated well with at least 4.0 out of 5 stars. If you are curious about a particular software, try to look for them in Facebook and see what type of feedback they’ve gathered from their clients.

3.) YouTube Videos

Lastly, try to run the name of a software product in YouTube. You may be amazed at the level of detail that some people leave when it comes to creating vlogs to review software. This may also be one way for you to fully understand how the product really works. Since you are watching a video, you will be able to immerse yourself into the product better as compared to just reading. Online event registration software review videos may touch on important aspects such as the top features or the pros and cons that you have to look out for.