3 Things to Remember When Looking for Good Reviews of Event Management Software

When looking for reviews of event management software, it is important that you know what makes up a high-quality event management software. There are many review websites that may not employ reviewer verification and this may lead to skewed trust ratings and practically unreliable statistics. In social media sites like Facebook, for example, random users can rate products from 1 to 5 stars – even if they have not actually used it. If you’re an event organiser looking for trustworthy reviews, here are three qualities to remember when looking for reviews of an event management website:

  1. Lays out the bad points of a software

Reliable software reviews are objective. In this sense, it should include the “cons” of a product. While there may be instances when consumer satisfaction is high and the customer has nothing but good things to say, it pays to know what the possible loopholes are of a product. Look for a review website which requires reviewers to leave comments for both the good and bad sides of a software.

  1. Specific and based on experience

Another quality of truthful reviews of event management software is that they are specific. Look for reviews which lay out specific functions of the software and how they relate to a customer’s experience. For example, a reviewer may appreciate the customer relationship management (CRM) aspect of an event management software. He or she should be able to expound this more through his or her first-hand experience.

  1. Comes from a verifiable source

Last but not the least, a good review comes from a verifiable source. There are software review websites that would validate the users’ identities before they can leave a review. User information should include personal details such as full name, company name, and location. Some review websites would also include the dates when the software was used by the reviewer.

Those are only some of the ways by which you can ascertain if reviews of event management software can be trusted.