6 Things to Note for Event Management Software Reviews

If you are looking for a new solution to help you organise an event, you should dedicate some time looking for event management software reviews. These reviews do not only make you aware of the pitholes to avoid, they also allow you to do extensive product comparisons. Comparing the pros and cons of every product is something that you have to do when looking for corporate event management solutions.

A good review site where you can start your research is Capterra. It has real customer reviews that specify the good and bad points of a software product. You can also look for event management software reviews through AlternativeTo which has crowdsourced software recommendations. Notwithstanding, you can conduct a simple research through Google and look for other review websites that will help you come up with the best decision for your event type and needs.

Here are six product qualities which you can take note of as you look for the best event management software:

  1. Ease of Access (Reviews of Event Management Software)

One of the things that you should be privy to when looking for reviews of event management software is ease of access. Is the software accessible through the cloud? Does it have to be installed on your desktop? Is it optimised for mobile platforms? A good software is web-based and mobile responsive. It should be web-based so that you can access it anywhere as long as you have internet. Contrary to software products that you will have to install on your computer, a web-based solution can be opened in any web browser. On the other hand, mobile responsiveness allows you to work on your event even if you only have your smartphone or tablet. Make sure that you research on this aspect when looking for event management software reviews.

  1. Works for Your Brand and Needs (Event Log Management Software Reviews)

Another question to ask when looking for event log management software reviews is: will this software help me in terms of my own branding and needs? Your branding is very important when it comes to marketing events. You would want an event website with a design tailored specifically for your brand — and not the software being used. The latter actually happens when companies use an event management solution and attendees see the software brand instead of the event organiser’s. It is not only confusing, it also curtails your ability to establish authority.

As an event professional, you will also have specific needs that will need to be addressed through your software. Try to look for event management software reviews to lead you to an all-inclusive product that can meet your specific needs. For example, if you are organising a big event, you may need to invest in an online registration software.

  1. Affordable Packages (Free Event Management Software Reviews)

While looking at free event management software reviews may sound economical, it is paramount that you consider investing when considering event management software options. Sometimes, it’s advantageous to pay for sophisticated software rather than using a generic free application that may not meet your needs. As you browse through event management software reviews, you may find providers that will allow you to buy one-off applications — only those that are essential for a single event — in order for you to manage your budget more efficiently. If you are also in the event management industry and using tools is staple for your operations, you may also want to consider yearly subscriptions since they allow you to save money in the long run.

  1. Intuitive for Marketing

As you look for event management software reviews, try to pinpoint products that will allow you to add some marketing. One qualification you can look for is social media integration which will allow you and your viewers to generate online buzz regarding your event through social media websites. Furthermore, look for an event management software that will allow you to do budget management. This makes you keep track of your expenditures and possible ROI (return of investment) opportunities.

  1. Integrated with Other Technologies (Reviews Event Management Software)

After looking at reviews event management software, try to ask different vendors if you can integrate into the solution other technologies which you are already using. A good software provider offers integration capabilities such as your company calendar, emailing system, and even your corporate website. This will allow you to work from one place and will make the software a go-to for all your team members. There are informative event management software reviews that you may find pointing to this feature.

  1. Sufficient Customer Support

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect that event organisers react to when it comes to event management software reviews. Customer support goes a long way when it comes to the use of a software product which may be vulnerable to bugs and other eventualities. Try to check previous reviews if the provider offers support in terms of email and phone. Moreover, are they willing to conduct an online or on-site demo for your team members? This is an important question since there is always a learning curve when it comes to using new products. A support team may teach you how to use all elements of the product from the software interface up to the features of an associated event app.